iSWIM - integrated Service for Water Quality Monitoring in Mamaia bay

iSWIM is a system to enhance the management, monitoring and forecasting of the bathing water quality in Mamaia bay, integrating numerical models with in-situ measured and remote sensing products.

iSWIM offers the following information:


iSWIM provides high resolution forecasts of marine weather conditions, including surface currents, wave and wind data. Data is made available through dynamic maps, charts and tables.


A set of webcams allows the user to visualize the current conditions of a select number of beaches located in the area of Mamaia Bay.

Model Validation

iSWIM allows to compare forecasts with observed data from monitoring stations and remote sensing products. This visual comparision, allows to qualitatively evaluate the forecasts.

Emergency Response

A dedicated section allows to run models for emergency response scenarios, including oil spills and search and rescue operations.

Online Stations

A set of graphs shows data measured by online stations including real time weather.